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Are you an advertiser seeking innovative ways to acquire high-quality customers? Or are you a publisher looking to generate additional revenue without compromising the user experience? Look no further than RateSpecial.com, your ultimate destination for unlocking new opportunities and driving success in the digital advertising landscape.


Generate Secondary
Revenue Seamlessly

Monetizing your website traffic shouldn’t come at the expense of user experience. That’s where RateSpecial.com comes in. We offer publishers a seamless solution to generate ancillary revenue by integrating our innovative platform into their confirmation pages.

Our integration process is designed to be effortless and non-disruptive, ensuring that your users have a smooth and uninterrupted experience. By strategically placing relevant advertisements on confirmation pages, you can unlock additional revenue streams without compromising the integrity of your website.

Our customizable options allow you to tailor the ads to match your website’s aesthetics and maintain a consistent user experience. With our advanced targeting capabilities, we ensure that the advertisements align with your audience’s interests, resulting in higher engagement and increased revenue potential.

Furthermore, our commitment to quality ensures that you have access to high-paying advertisers who are actively seeking opportunities to reach their target audience. This translates to a higher earning potential for your website and a mutually beneficial partnership with RateSpecial.com.

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Acquire New

At RateSpecial.com, we understand the importance of acquiring customers who align with your brand’s target audience. Through our exclusive display advertising marketplace, we connect advertisers with a diverse network of high-quality publishers, ensuring that your brand message reaches the right audience at the right time.

With our targeted approach, advanced analytics, and industry expertise, we empower advertisers to optimize their campaigns and achieve exceptional results. Whether you’re launching a new product, promoting a service, or expanding your market reach, our platform provides the tools and resources you need to maximize your customer acquisition efforts.

By leveraging our exclusive display advertising marketplace, you gain access to an extensive network of publishers that have been carefully vetted for quality and relevance. This allows you to showcase your brand to engaged audiences who are more likely to convert into loyal customers. With our data-driven approach, you can fine-tune your campaigns, optimize performance, and drive meaningful results for your business.

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Radio & TV Division:

Amplify your brand or products voice

with our Dynamic Radio & TV Division, RSI Media

Benefit from the unmatched reach of our Radio and TV division. With our extensive coverage and diverse programming, your message reaches a wide array of demographics, fostering brand recognition and consumer loyalty. Additionally, our team of experienced professionals collaborates closely with our advertisers to tailor campaigns that align with their goals, ensuring maximum ROI and brand success. Speak to one of our consultants right now!

Amplify Your Brand

Call Center Division:

Elevate your Customers Experience

with our BPO Call Center Solution division, RSI Connect

Say goodbye to resource constraints and overly expensive call centers and say hello to scalability with our flexible BPO solution.

Whether you’re handling a sudden surge in customer inquiries or expanding your services, our RSI Connect platform easily adapts to your needs, ensuring consistent, affordable, US Aware agents that provide service excellence without compromising quality.

Boost agent performance and customer satisfaction through comprehensive data analytics and real-time monitoring.

Our robust reporting tools provide valuable insights into call volume, average handling times, customer sentiment, full blown opening to closing programs and more, empowering you to make informed decisions for continuous improvement.

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Social Media Division:

Revolutionize Your Brand's Reach & Impact

with our Dynamic Social Media and Influencer Division, RSI SocialFluence

Unlock the immense potential of digital marketing with our cutting-edge Social Media and Influencer Division.

At RateSpecial, we understand that today’s business landscape is changing and now thrives on connection and engagement, and our division is designed to take your brand’s presence to unprecedented heights.

Enter the world of influencer marketing with confidence. RSIs SocialFluence division boasts access to a curated network of influencers who authentically align with your brand values.

From micro-influencers to industry giants, our team will handpick personalities that can seamlessly integrate your products or services, resulting in genuine engagement and unparalleled brand exposure.

With RateSpecial’s Social Media and Influencer Division, you’re not just another brand; you’re a dynamic participant in the digital narrative.

Revolutionize Your Brand

Why Choose RateSpecial.com?

Exclusive Display Advertising Marketplace:

Gain access to a vast network of high-quality publishers and connect with engaged audiences. Showcase your brand to the right people at the right time, maximizing your customer acquisition efforts.

Industry Expertise:

With our deep understanding of the digital advertising landscape, we provide valuable insights and guidance to advertisers and publishers. Stay ahead of the competition and leverage our expertise to drive success.

Data-Driven Optimization:

Our advanced analytics and targeting capabilities enable you to optimize your campaigns for better performance. Make data-backed decisions, refine your strategies, and achieve exceptional results.

Mutually Beneficial Partnerships:

At RateSpecial.com, we believe in fostering long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships. We are dedicated to supporting your growth, maximizing revenue potential, and delivering exceptional value to both advertisers and publishers.

Seamless Monetization:

For publishers, our platform seamlessly integrates into confirmation pages, allowing you to generate ancillary revenue without compromising user experience. Customize the ads to match your website’s aesthetics and maintain a consistent brand image.

Whether you’re an advertiser aiming to acquire high-quality customers or a publisher looking to generate additional revenue, RateSpecial.com is here to empower you. Maximize your revenue potential, unlock new opportunities, and drive success with our exclusive display advertising marketplace and seamless monetization solutions.
Join us today and embark on your journey to success.

A Brief RateSpecial History

Empowering the Success of Advertisers and Publishers Since Inception, Nurturing a Remarkable Journey of Growth and Collaboration


Humble beginnings


Won fastest growing company

#1 in 2012 by the LA Business Journal, #14 nationwide by INC500

Won awards for strong company culture

LA Business Journal Best Places to Work, Pasadena Weekly #1 Best Place to Work

Launch of UKCreditRatings

Development and early release of product


Second year back to back Inc500|5000 ranking

Ranked 928 on the 2013 Inc 500|5000

Second year back to back award for Best Place to Work

Voted #1 Best Place to Work by Pasadena Weekly


Opening of Manchester, UK office

Establishment of UK operations team

Third year consecutive Inc500|5000 ranking

Ranked 3997 on the 2014 Inc500|5000


Fourth year consecutive Inc500|5000 ranking


RSDataTech launches three new credit report + score brands


RateSpecial moves into new office in Old Town Pasadena


UKCreditRatings wins Best Credit Report Provider


Launched RSI Media: Radio / TV Division


Fifth year ranking on the inc500

With these guys it was love at first site! Literally the first time I met the RS team I knew we were not only going to find success together but we were going to have a blast along the way. It’s cool to do business with a team of smart people who I can trust (because they have proven it). It doesn’t happen often that you find people like the folks at RS. They are really one of the best kept secrets in the industry…”

- Chris P.


Working with RateSpecial is fantastic! They are a breath of fresh air who are always looking for the latest innovations to maximise their product to the highest capability. The team at RateSpecial are hardworking, friendly and ALWAYS willing to go the extra mile.”

- Ibraheem K.



Leaders by Thought and in Deed

David Tam

CEO, Co-Founder

David Tam is responsible for advertiser services, operations and international business development at RateSpecial. He has over a decade of experience in performance marketing for the financial services and automotive sectors. Prior to starting RateSpecial, David was vice president of operations for Low.com, the mortgage marketing division of Oversee.net. Prior to Low.com, David held director-level positions at other online marketing companies including: GoApply, Autobytel and AutoTrader. David earned an MBA from the University of California, Irvine with concentrations in operations and strategy and an undergraduate degree from UCLA in political science and applied developmental psychology.

Thomas McErlane

President, Co-Founder

Thomas McErlane is responsible for marketing services, traffic acquisition and domestic new product strategy at RateSpecial. He has over a decade of online media sales and business development experience in the financial services and real estate industries. Prior to starting RateSpecial, Tom was the General Manager of Low.com, the mortgage marketing division of Oversee.net. Prior to Low.com, Tom served as vice president of sales for RealtyTracker.com and LoanWeb.com and as director of sales for HomeStore.com (now Move.com). Tom holds an undergraduate degree from California Lutheran University in international business.

Bertrand Seow

CTO, Co-Founder

Bertrand Seow is responsible for technology innovations and product development for RateSpecial. He has over a decade of experience in software development and finance, including commercial lending, investment banking and corporate finance. Bert’s experience includes five years in corporate treasury operations at Avery Dennison Corporation, a Fortune 500 Company, managed a department with oversight over broker-dealer trading activities in equity, fixed income and foreign exchange markets at Bank Leumi USA, and commercial lending at Greater Community Bankcorp. Bert also held a software development position with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Bert holds an undergraduate degree from UCLA in cognitive science with a specialization in computers.

Joanna Jardeleza

General Manager

Joanna Jardeleza has over 15 years experience in the Online and Performance Marketing space. Joanna is responsible for RateSpecial’s daily activity and growth, overseeing both the Advertiser Services and Marketing Services divisions. Prior to joining RateSpecial in 2012, she has held Senior Management positions with Mezi Media (acquired by ValueClick) and Oversee.net. Her areas of expertise span across Strategic Partnerships, Product Monetization and Operations. Joanna graduated from Loyola Marymount University where she earned her undergraduate degree in Business, Information Systems, Quantitative Management with a minor in Marketing.

Jimmy Manuel

VP, Marketing & Advertiser Services

Jimmy Manuel is responsible for driving new business, advertiser development and traffic acquisition at RateSpecial. Jimmy has over 15 years of experience in performance marketing, lead generation and product development within the consumer finance sector. Prior to joining the team Jimmy held senior level positions at Intimate Interactive Advertising and CX Digital. Areas of expertise include strategic partnerships, vertical management and affiliate marketing. Jimmy graduated from York University with an undergraduate degree in US History and Law & Society.

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